Prefabricated Building Construction Systems Adopted in Hong Kong

Prefabricated building construction systems have been widely adopted not only in public houses but also in private building projects. Prefabrication together with the increasing use of standardisation and mechanisation has brought a substantial change in  the development of the construction industry worldwide over last few decades. Though the development and use of prefabrication in building construction comes a bit late for Hong Kong, the drastic increase in the application of this technology in building projects in the recent years does regain certain momentum in this leaving-behind area. Besides the accompanying of the related advancements to the local construction industry with the adoption of more mechanisation, computer aided manufacturing, and intelligent management systems, the extensive use of prefabrication also contributes to sustainable development by using cleaner and more resources saving production process. The main aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the development and application of prefabrication techniques in the construction of large-scale and high-rise buildings in Hong Kong. After a brief introduction of the Hong Kong experience, the advantages and constraints are outlined. The measures and solutions, then, are analysed based on Hong Kong’s built environment. Also the structural forms and the main fabrication elements applied in Hong Kong are presented by  integrating with real cases to demonstrate how prefabrication has been adopted in the design and construction processes.

Keywords: Hong Kong’s experience, Building, Construction, Prefabrication.


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